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“Welcome to a transformative coaching experience curated just for you by Ashna Dhanuka, where the essence of self-discovery and confidence-building takes center stage.


Diamond Package: "Unleash Your Brilliance"

Customized Coaching Experience: Tailor your coaching experience to your unique needs with the Diamond Package. Craft a bespoke coaching plan, including elements from each of our signature programs – One-on-One Coaching, The Power of 3600 Seconds, and Discover Yourself. Dive deep into your goals, amplify your confidence, and unleash your brilliance.

Contact us directly to create your personalized Diamond Package, combining the best of our offerings for an unparalleled coaching experience.


Gold Package: "Elevate Your Potential"

One-on-One Coaching:

  • Discovery Call with Ashna (20 Mins): Uncover your goals and aspirations in a personalized session.
  • Virtual Coaching (40 Mins): Engage in focused virtual sessions tailored to your needs.
  • In-Person Coaching (50 Mins): Deepen the connection with face-to-face coaching.
  • Recommendations:
    1. Minimum commitment of 6 sessions.
    2. Follow-up communication via email or WhatsApp for continuous support.
    3. Sessions include worksheets for profound self-awareness.
  • Schedule: Bookings available on weekdays, subject to availability.

Silver Package: "The Power Within"

The Power of 3600 Seconds:

  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Schedule: Book in advance on weekdays, aligning with both parties’ availability.
  • Session: Tailored for individual attention.
  • Worksheets: Explore self-discovery through carefully crafted session materials.
  • For group booking fees, please contact our office for personalized assistance.

Discover the Silver Package and tap into the transformative power of each moment with our hour-long, one-on-one sessions.


Bronze Package: "Essence of Self"

Discover Yourself:

  • Total 20 Sessions (1 hour each):
    • Module 1: Navigate Your Life and Know Why
    • Module 2: Discover the Giant Within You
    • Module 3: Set Goals and Take Actions
  • Structured to Guide You: Uncover your true potential and take meaningful steps towards your goals.

Choose the Bronze Package, and embark on a comprehensive 20-session journey of self-discovery with carefully curated modules.

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