We are all essentially social beings, able to work at our best when we are involved in a group to some degree, as research and experience show. Our group may be limited, but it appears that having one is what matters.Many, if not all, of us are anxious when we associate with other people. Also, the most outgoing and self-assured individuals are aware of and affected by others’ opinions, especially those held about them. It’s important to know how to overcome shyness.

Shyness entails an unwillingness to communicate with others for fear of embarrassment. This helps to understand why we can be shy in one situation but not in another.We are generally not afraid to share our opinions and say what we want to say around family, friends, and people we are close to because the risk of embarrassment is low in such company.Shyness, according to scientists, is at least partly inherited. The atmosphere in which a person is raised, on the other hand, is also responsible for his shyness.

How to Overcome Shyness?

Here are a few ways for how to overcome shyness:

Work on Your Self Image

When we are shy, we are worried about making mistakes and what other people would think of us. Low self-esteem and shyness can lead to anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Getting high self-esteem means that you can see yourself positively regardless of your flaws or mistakes.

Be Confident

Being confident is not an innate quality, but instead it is a trait that you need to work on. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is confidence. In order to become more confident, you will need to practice the art of putting yourself out of your comfort zones more often. For example, the road to overcome one’s fear of public speaking is to expose yourself through a gradual process to scenarios where you speak in front of a group of people more frequently.

Work on Your Strengths

When you feel empowered and you have a lot of self-belief in your abilities and skills, shyness becomes less of a problem. However, in order to do that, you need to persevere and dedicate yourself to developing your strengths. This could include acquiring new skills, educating yourself, building your talents and developing your personality.

Work to Improve Communication Skills

Lack of proper and effective communication skills is usually a cause of shyness. The inability to express and articulate yourself in front of others leads to a sense of loneliness and lack of belonging. In order to overcome,you would need to practice the basic etiquettes of effective communication. This includes learning how to have a conversation with a stranger, proper body language cues and becoming a good and empathetic listener.

Learn to Take Judgments & Criticism Positively

In the modern world, especially with the pervasiveness of social media, it has become even more easy to dish out your opinion of others. Usually, such opinions can be less than pleasant. You need to develop the mental strength to deal with these judgements and criticism in a constructive, self-developing manner no matter how harsh they may seem. You need to internalize the fact that your mindset is yours to control and it cannot be controlled by the opinions of others. Work towards surrounding yourself with ambitious and compassionate people with similar goals as yourself in order to fortify your thought process and to develop a community that supports you in times of hardships and self-doubt.

Initiate Conversations

As mentioned earlier, you need to start practicing the art of putting yourself out of your comfort zone to overcome shyness. A simple way to do that is to start initiating conversations with people you come across more often. The process doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience, but on the contrary, it could be a gradual one. Start simple and go and say ‘hi’ to that colleague or neighbour you have been meaning to talk to for a while. Ask them about their day and learn more about them. Take an interest in people’s lives. That’s the simplest way to initiate a conversation and if you are lucky, you can make a new friend.

Reach Out to a Professional Coach

It’s not always easy to help yourself with all the advices and tips in the world. Every individual is unique and so is their characteristics and set of problems. For a deeper understanding of the problem, you should seek help from a life coach. Ashna Dhanuka is one such motivational speaker and life coach with vivid experiences of elevating confidence in individuals. She has a unique way of nudging a pain point. She provides an environment for her clients that help them develop self-worth naturally. So, reach out to her if you need professional assistance.

Can a Life Coach Help

Shyness is not the same as social anxiety, which is a deeper, frequently depression-related psychological disorder that includes the fear of being judged by others. The cause of shyness is often debated, but it has been discovered that fear is closely linked to shyness, so fearful children are much more likely than outspoken children to experience shyness. Shyness can also be seen biologically as a result of an accumulation of cortisol, which triggers immune system suppression. Following the above-ways can go a long way in helping you find out how to overcome shyness.

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