Humans are closer than ever before in today’s world. The technological development has enabled us to stay in contact with each other at all times of the day. Social media has replaced social interaction. People notice that they are slowly becoming anxious while meeting other people and that they can’t seem to interact and create bonds with people like they used to before. Mental health issues like depression and anxiety are on a constant incline. This is because as humans, we require contact. This could be either physical or emotional, but at the end of the day, all we need is to feel noticed and loved by the people around us. This is where a social confidence coach can help you.

Even at work, having an outgoing personality is viewed as an invaluable asset. Being able to walk into a room with confidence and make meaningful interactions with people is the best way to make sure that they remember you and look forward to collaborating with you in the future. This skill may seem like something that people are born with, some kind of god-gifted talent. However, this notion is now being proved false by the various confidence coaches out there that are willing to help you improve your personality and grow out of your shell. Here are a few ways in which a social confidence coach can help you improve.

Set Personal Goals

Most people that approach a confidence coach for their social skills often have very broad goals in mind that are vague and unachievable. People have a vague idea of what they are expecting from the course but that’s not nearly enough.

A good confidence coach will materialise your goals and ask questions like where exactly in life do you need more confidence, what is keeping you from reaching your real potential and what is your definition of success from a social point of view. There is a huge difference between meeting 10 new people every day and meeting only 1 person but having a meaningful conversation with them. Both of these are viable goals, but they are extremely different in execution. A social coach will guide you through this.


Even though most clients understand that they have problems with social interactions, they cannot be completely aware of their weak spots and the little things that hold them back from becoming the best versions of themselves. Confidence coaches understand that the only way to push you in the right direction is to see the things that you can’t. A good coach will pinpoint the areas that require attention. Albeit verbal issues like stutters or emotional issues like stress, coaches can see their patients in a way that nobody else can.


The biggest benefit of a confidence coach is the accountability that comes with one. Much like working out, most people have trouble sticking with the changes in their life. Gym-memberships help these people work out more simply because they have committed to going to the gym. Coaches make people try implementing changes earlier so that have made consistent progress in every visit. People tend to let go of their inhibitions and treat their social anxiety like an actual problem instead of ignoring it when they have a coach to guide them.

Quicker Change

Watching motivational talks on YouTube or attending conferences have a limited impact. They make sense when you are watching them but actually acting on the things that you are listening to is a whole different conversation. There is nothing like a personal coach that completely understands you and helps you work on your issues individually. Coaches will take a genuine interest in your life and will be rooting for you when you attempt to work on yourself.

Confidence coaches like Ashna Dhanuka truly understand what it takes to make a person unleash their true potential. By talking, discovering and meeting, she tries to give every client a plausible solution to their problems. Having worked with huge professional clients from Facebook, Ashna is the best social confidence coach at improving your self-confidence and helping you realise that there is always room for improvement!

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