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“Don’t Underestimate Yourself,

You’re More than you Realise!”

Are you experiencing bouts of self-doubt? Is low self-esteem is affecting your life?


Maybe I can help as I got your back with confidence-boosting and self-worth realisation sessions.

Self-worth is “the sense of one’s value as a person” and it will impact every area of your life. Your work life, your personal life, and even your physical and mental health are a reflection of your self-esteem.

And, building healthy self-esteem is an ongoing task which may require a PUSH at certain times. I can work as that much-needed ‘PUSH’ in your life and help you live productive and happy lives.

There are times when we feel extremely low or worthless but the good news is that you have a fair amount of control when it comes to self-worth.

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“Part of being an productive individual is learning to take responsibility for your successes and for your failures. Each time an individual fails is an evident of he/she is emerging strong by improving form the mistakes .”

How Life Coach works:

1. Our Mantra

Want to improve your self-worth? Don’t let the negativity of others control your life because you are unique and capable enough to bring the change. It’s your unique personality that makes you extraordinary, not other peoples’ opinions.

2.We Talk

Either you choose to meet me over coffee or plain water, virtually or in person, even a small chat can bring a big difference. At some point in life you need someone to tell you that you are doing great and are more powerful than you might think you are.

3. We Discover

As short as a 30-minute call can help you discover yourself as a good rule of thumb is having a good conversation with an experienced person. I love being helpful and considerate to people who want to pretty good about themselves.

4.We Meet

I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions either virtual (40 mins) or one-on-one (50 mins) for better results. You will be provided with worksheets to understand your capabilities better and I will follow up via Email or WhatsApp.

5. We Solve

Do what makes you happy and celebrate the small stuff and bring you back to the track. As it is said that it takes 21 days to build a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle that you have always wished for. So, go and get it because you deserve a better life.

How it works:

If you want to improve your self-worth, stop giving other people the calculator”

We believe in 21/90 concept. It takes 21 Days to build a habit and 90 Days to create a lifestyle, you always wish for.

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Why Do You Need to Know Your Self-Worth?

The process may seem a bit challenging, but trust me it’s worth it. The moment you accept your shortcoming, things will change. Here’s how…

  • Having a healthy sense of self-esteem improves your lifestyle.
  • Self-awareness allows you to know what things you do best.
  • Knowing yourself helps you accept your weaknesses & focus on your strengths.

  • Your self-worth realisation helps you be the best version of you.
  • You start engaging in work thats exciting & fulfilling.
  • Realising your worth helps you enjoy your work & relationships.
life coach ashna dhanuka

Ashna Dhanuka Ji is one of the best in this field.

I have attended a lot of her initial webinars and got a chance to interact with her many a times. Her best part as a personal motivator and life coach is that she shares everything based on her ‘own personal journey‘ and she herself is highly motivated on all the good things she does (she does a lot of them).

I would recommend everyone to be on the wagon of Svasthya2020 because this is one of the finest things that happened in Lockdown and will be beneficial for everyone associated to it.

Ashna Ji keep up your motto of ‘Being Good,Sharing Goodness’

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Ashna is a girl full of positive energy..

Ashna is a girl full of positive energy..she is truly a life changer and a motivational such a young age, she has a lot of experience n an immense confidence in whtever she does..she is very much hard working n dedicated towards SVASTHYA.
Really happy to see her emerging rapidly in her new venture..congratulations n All the best..long way to go..?

Highly recommended.

Your words inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a true motivator Ashna ma’am.
Power of words is infinite. It can change the world. You understand this very well and motivate people with the power of your words.
You have been doing a fantastic job as a motivational speaker. Many many congratulations and best wishes for the future. Keep motivating
svasthya2020, Simanta Dev Choudhury

In a nutshell, self-esteem is all about your opinion and your abilities.

Do you want to learn differentiating between who you are and your circumstances, I can help you recognise your inner worth.

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